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Jeremy O'Carroll

Centre Founder
Jeremy O'Carroll

The Om Meditation Centre specializes in courses for anyone with little or no meditation experience.

Our courses are practical, structured and entertaining - and focus on teaching students to integrate meditation into everything they do.

To ensure that students get the maximum, long-term value out of everything they learn in Meditation classes, all of our courses come with extensive support material that includes:

Course Creator

"This course has turned me around - the very thing I avoided most is what I needed to improve. An inner soul waiting to be discovered."
 (Emma-Jane Watson)

All of our Meditation classes and courses have been designed and created by Jeremy O'Carroll, founder of the Om Meditation and Reiki Centres.

Jeremy has been practising meditation daily for the past 17 years and has a huge amount of teaching experience.

Initially he taught himself through books without any real guidance - and, as a result, definitely learned how to meditate the hard way!

Like most beginner meditators, he experienced both an out-of-control mind and the frustration of 'good days' almost always being followed by large periods where he found it difficult to connect deeply to anything that resembled 'real meditation'!

"It certainly taught me a few things which I have not experienced before."
   (Lucy Cheah)

He persisted, however. He went on to study first TM Meditation, then a whole range of other forms, ultimately studying meditation in countries like India, Thailand and Nepal and, through personal experience, practice and introspection went on to develop many original techniques that help students gain deep insight into their true nature.

Since then he has gone on to found the Om Meditation and Reiki Centres where he has personally taught over 700 students to help heal themselves and others of mental, physical and emotional issues.

Foundations in Meditation Course

This course is the perfect for anyone who would either like to learn how to meditate or who wishes to go more deeply into their pre-existing practice.

Held at our energizing centre in Fitzroy North, this course teaches students the fundamental principles of meditation, how they can be used to calm the mind and body, and many techniques for creating a strong energetic foundation.

A strong energetic foundation is critical for anyone who:

To find out all the details and dates for this course, please visit our meditation courses homepage.

Light Dynamics
Meditation Course (Jun. 22-23)

Light Dynamics is an original meditation, healing and ascension path which, through a series of special 'energy empowerments' (similar to Reiki 'attunements'), helps raise the consciousness of students.

This shift in consciousness will enable you to journey deeply into meditation, give you greater clarity about your Life Purpose, and help you work with very high energy frequencies, both for healing and personal growth.

Ultimately, Light Dynamics is an Ascension Path that helps students activate their multi-dimensional light bodies.

Unlike other healing methods (e.g. Reiki and Pellowah) Light Dynamics doesn't use a specific energy frequency (or frequency range). Rather, it teaches students to channel (directly from Source) the precise energy frequency they need to help them both with healing and personal growth.

You don't need any previous 'spiritual' experience to learn Light Dynamics; but it is a great tool for energy workers – using Reiki, Pellowah and the like – to improve the subtlety and strength of their healing.

Light Dynamics is a powerful system that connects students directly to Source. It is ideal for anyone who serious about becoming a healer, would like to improve their meditation, or would simply like more energy, balance, clarity and happiness in their daily life.

To find out more about the June 22-23 course please visit our associated Light Dynamics Centre.

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Meditation and Reiki Retreat

Come to Daylesford for an energizing weekend of meditation and Reiki.

Through carefully crafted exercises, you will be guided towards greater vitality, increased clarity and an ability to activate the specific energy vibrations needed to achieve both financial and personal success.

Find out more about our June 22-23 retreat now...

Light Dynamics
Meditation Course

If you're looking to ride the influx of energy that accompanies 2012 and go more deeply into your meditation, then consider learning Light Dynamics.

Through a series of powerful meditations and sacred geometry, Light Dynamics helps you connect to your light bodies, 12-strand DNA and full human potential.

For more info, visit the Light Dynamics Centre. (Next course, 22-23 June)

Foundations in Meditation Course

This course is perfect for any wishing to learn how to integrate meditation into their everyday life.

It is ideally suited for anyone with little or no meditation experience and for those who would like to go more deeply into their pre-existing practice.

To find out more, click here.

Tried Reiki?

Want an easy way to connect to energy? Learn to heal yourself and others in a single weekend.

The Om Reiki Centre is Australia's leading Reiki centre with more follow-up material and support than any other centre.

We guarantee you will love what you learn.

Find out about our upcoming courses.

"The skills learned have made my meditating a pleasurable experience. Now I get annoyed when my timer goes off instead of relieved.
      It opens up a whole new focus and makes meditating feel blissful and much more beneficial than it had previously felt to me.
      Feeling in a more blissful state makes it much easier to quiet and observe the mind and be more in tune with the body and soul. Moreover I feel like meditating more and more. "
                                (Jane Sammut)

"Just by completing the exercises in the pre course I have already felt a difference. I feel calm, more energetic and more at peace with myself. Fantastic from such a small amount of practice.
    I can only imagine what will be possible as I continue to practice and integrate these new skills into my daily life. "
                             (Anne Schumacher)

"I learned so much. it was easy to understand and helped me greatly. "
                                (Tracey Cecil)

"The key challenge is practising and integrating [meditation] in our daily life – which I was not aware of how to do. This course has definitely enhanced my knowledge and given the tools to reach there even though it's a starting point for me. It enables one to be meditative state while integrating with work, daily activities and the challenges in life. "
                             (Reeta Dabydoyal)

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