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Om Meditation - About Us

The Centre's Founder

Jeremy O'Carroll

The Om Meditation Centre was founded by Jeremy O'Carroll.

Jeremy has over 17 years of daily meditation experience, is the founder of one of Melbourne's most recognized Reiki Centres and is the author of the soon to be released novel 'Full Speed'.

He has studied meditation in India, Nepal, Thailand, Australia and the United States of America and has learned many forms of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Vipassana meditation and Zen.

He has also created his own meditation system (Core / Body / Mind Meditation), and an exciting new meditation method - Thinking Meditation - that allows you to work with the natural movement of the mind (i.e. thoughts) rather than against them.

Thinking Meditation allows you to use thoughts to anchor you in a deep state of meditation - thus freeing you from the struggle of trying to empty your mind.

Jeremy has a large amount of spiritual experience and is an accredited Reiki Master Teacher with the ARC - Australia's leading Reiki association - and the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals. He is also a level 3 Pellowah practitioner and a practitioner of Light Dynamics.

Before founding the Om Reiki and Meditation Centres, Jeremy spent many years travelling through Europe, South East Asia and the Sub Continent.

In total, he has visited over 25 countries, all of which taught him something in his quest to understand more about human nature.

Jeremy has gained invaluable experience as a teacher, first at the University of Melbourne, where he both tutored and lectured, then around Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where he trained teachers in the Fitzroy Method of learning English.

For the past 17 years his primary focus has been first on meditation and then Reiki, and he has built a reputation for bringing clarity, logic and intuition to teachings that often gets trapped in unsubstantiated theory and dogma.


Simon Rutherford (Director - Om Reiki and Meditation Centre, Bacchus Marsh)

Simon Rutherford

Simon Rutherford is a long time meditator and Reiki Master.

An avid supporter of Zen meditation, Simon believes that less is more, and has developed an approach to meditation that is simple, powerful and easy to replicate.

Simon brings clarity to his teachings by using his natural analytical qualities developed through mathematics and chess (Simon is a Master of the World Chess Federation) with emotional intuition.

He feels a strong connection to his physical surroundings, through people, animals, and nature and encourages people to delve into healing and meditation as a way of becoming more receptive to these elements.

Simon is an accredited Tai Chi Instructor within the Chinese Martial Arts Cheng Ming International Kung Fu Association. He is also studying two other internal martial arts, Hsing I and Ba Gua, through Art of Defence Australia.

His experience with Tai Chi has especially helped him learn to integrate meditation into daily life, particularly where movement is involved.

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The Centre's Aim

The Om Meditation Centre was created to help people integrate meditation into their daily life through a series of easy-to-apply meditation techniques.

We believe that meditation is not about trying harder, but simply learning to 'let go', and we have created highly structured programs to help do so with minimum fuss and effort.

For any questions or suggestions, please write to:

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