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Meditaton Classes

Simon RutherfordThe Om Meditation Centre offers systematic weekly meditaton classes in Bacchus Marsh for both beginner and experienced meditators alike.

These weekly classes are desgned and created by Jeremy O'Carroll (founder of the Om Reiki and Meditation Centres) and Simon Rutherford (Founder of the Om Reiki and Meditaton Centre, Bacchus Marsh), whose vast meditation experience have helped them create a tightly structured program that get consistent and practical results.

Foundations in Meditation - Classes Beginning July 15

These classes require no previous meditation experience and, through a tightly structure series of guided meditatons and techniques will help you:

These meditation classes offer a large amount of support, that includes:

Lesson Format - 1st Cycle

Classes will be held weekly, from 10.00am - 11.30am, each Sunday beginnng on the 15th of July (through to the 23rd of September).

The first ten weeks will be covering new meditation materal. The final week will be a review of everything learned so far.

Should a student be unable to attend a particular class, then it will be possiible to access the week's guided meditaton and written materials at the meditation portal.

Try a Class on Us

If you are unsure whether our classes are for you, come and try one at no risk. You will only be charged should you decide to continue on with our program.

Meditation Cycle Already Begun?

Do you wish to join our classes, but have missed the first few lessons? If so, that's not an issue. While our classes do systematically build on each other, materials taught in them are also stand-alone.

What's more, we will give you access to our meditation portal, where you will find guided meditations and written information on all of the material you have missed.

There is no charge for this, and you will only need to pay for the portion of the 11- week cycle that still remains.

Meditation techniques Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Meditation classes comes with a 100% no-strings-attached satisfaction guarantee.

We are so confident you will be delighted by what you learn that we will refund your entire investment should you not be excited and happy with what you learn.

Simply complete the entire 11 week cycle and, if you still don't feel you have received great value, tell us at the conclusion of the final class for a cheerful refund.

Date: TBA
Schedule: 10am - 11.30am each Sunday
Venue: Om Reiki Centre, Bacchus Marsh
Investment: $150
(Instructor: Simon Rutherford)
Note: Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer or cash rather than with credit card.

Daylesford Thinking Meditation Course

This 1-day course teaches you to work with natural movement of the mind (i.e. your thoughts), rather than against it.

Thinking Meditation is an original method that enables you to use your thoughts to actually take your deeper into meditation.

It is highly practical and will help to easily integrate meditation into everything you do, be it work or play.

Date: TBA
Schedule: 10am - 5.30pm
Venue: Om Reiki Centre, Daylesford
Investment: $195
(Instructor: Jeremy OCarroll)
Note: Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by electronic transfer rather than with credit card or if you wish to attend our course but have difficulty making the investment.

Reiki - Bacchus Marsh

If you have an issue you are hoping to resolve or would simply like greater health, energy and clarity, consider a Reiki session in Bacchus Marsh.

For more information, visit Om Reiki Bacchus Marsh.

To join the Om Meditation monthly Meetup, click here.

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